How Benrik got its name (from rustic leather cuff watches to amazing statement earrings)

How Benrik got its name (from rustic leather cuff watches to amazing statement earrings)

“Its so unique… is it Swedish?” Not quite! In the previous blog post, I talked about the beginnings of this statement earring company and how it came to be. I was helping my husband with his leather cuff watch business in the beginning of our marriage, and we were to the point of needing to make it official with a business license… but that meant we would need a business name! We threw out all the potential names, some serious and some ridiculous. At one point he said “what about Benric?” One of our best friends and neighbors had mixed up our names once from “Kenric & Becky” to “Benric & Kecky” and it kind of had a nice ring to it! I liked it! I mean it was kind of dorky if you knew we had combined our names together, but the name itself sounded pretty cool. Benric. But maybe switch the “c” for a “k”. That’s better. Benrik.

Logo and description for Benrik Leather watches

When I began dabbling in leatherwork after a decade and a half of not touching it, it was time to make a name again. I liked the idea of bringing Benrik back. After all, I never would have started leather crafting on my own, if it weren’t for helping my husband with his business. It made sense. Little did I know making leather bracelets for guys and girls would eventually turn into a very feminine jewelry and accessories company! I loved the leather bracelets, but customers were really drawn to the earrings. So eventually I phased out the bracelets and began doing only earrings and clips. Benrik stuck, but with a whole new look with lots of pinks, pastels, daisies and I could not be more happy about it!

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