The Statement Earrings You Can Wear all Day...

The Statement Earrings You Can Wear all Day...

Three models, each wearing a different pair of Benrik lightweight statement earrings


So what's the big deal with these earrings anyway?? I mean they're just earrings! But are they? They are honestly life changing earrings. Not like the kind of life- change where somebody magically appears to cook your dinner and fold your laundry, life change (but let me know where I can find that). The kind where you put on an on-trend, colorful and cute accessory and don't have to mess with it the rest of the day. With so many colors, and patterns to choose from, Benrik earrings can make the outfit! Buuuuuut- how many times have you worn some fun statement earrings that you grabbed at Target, to take them off an hour later because they were really just a little too heavy and you knew they were going to bug you?? I have had this happen to me multiple times through the years... Because I just didn't know better. I didn't think about it or even care. I just wore earrings when I was going out on a date, or to church. They weren't an everyday thing. Until they were. When I started making leather earrings a few years ago, I realized why so many people liked them! They barely weigh a thing! I have honestly worn earrings and forgot I had them in until somebody complimented me on them. 

Since I first started making leather earrings, I fell in love with creating earrings. I first added cork, and then wood and acrylic. But they all had to be lightweight. There was no going back! Wood and acrylic do weigh more than leather and cork, and so you will notice that I use smaller amounts of these. They still have to barely make a dent on the scale. Literally! If I am on the fence, whether a pair will be light enough to my liking, I get out my kitchen scale to make sure its gonna fly. What exactly is my requirement? If you really want me to nerd out on you and you must know, 2 grams is the most any of my earrings will ever weigh. Usually they will be closer to 1 or not even register on the scale. But 2 packets of sugar is the most you will find over here in the Benrik shop.

So go ahead, put them to the test!! If you haven't ever worn leather earrings before, you are in for a TREAT!!

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